N- Joy Pothos

N- Joy Pothos

Looking for something easy? The Pothos is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. This plant prefers indirect, bright light, but can handle just about anything. Plant grows trailing stems which always looks good in a hanging basket. 4inch
  • Plant Needs

    Preferred Sunlight: Full Sun to Part Sun
    Preferred Soil Moisture: Moist to Dry, Well-drained. Water when top soil is dry
    Fertilizer Needs:  Can do without but every 4-5 weeks

  • Toxicity

    Keep this vine away from your furry friends, because pothos is deemed toxic to dogs and cats (and humans) by the ASPCA. If ingested, it may cause vomiting, oral irritation and difficulty swallowing.

  • Please Read!


    For This Event:  All Plants (expect sale plants) will come with Black planter and saucer ranging for 3-5 iches  (measurements are approximate and will vary slightly)

    Every Plant is Unique

    You likely wont receieve the exact replica of plant in image but its my promise I personally hand picked each one with care for you. 


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