Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily Plant

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This tropical shade-loving plant helps cleanse the air we breathe Peace lilies are not true lilies ) at all, but rather a member of the Araceae family. Be careful if not watered enough the leaves will drop. 4inch pot
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  • Plant Needs

    Preferred Sunlight: Peace lilies prefer light  and partial shade, and can tolerate fluorescent lights..

    Preferred Soil Moisture:Keep the soil evenly moist,One of the great advantages in caring for the peace lily is the fact that it sags a bit when it needs water, water at least once a week 

    Fertilizer Needs: Not needed

  • Toxicity

    Poisonous to both cats and dogs, because they contain calcium oxalate. Peace lilies should be kept away from animals and small children

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    7 inch pot 

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